Thursday, 19 February 2009

Challenge Cup Wk 9

The final week of the Blood Bowl challenge cup has come and gone and here are the highlights.

The night began with a few awards, the 1st went to Lordybloke, as head coach of The Coffin Dodgers he received the Wooden Spoon for coming bottom of the league, this was given to him by Tomarse who the previous year had come bottom with his Chaos team The Invaders.

Next was coach of the year, this ended up in a draw between Boomtown head coach Tomarse and Big Jon, head coach of The Amazon Red Tide.

Before the final and the All Star game kicked off the teams were drawn for the All Star game, the teams ended up being Dwarfs and Elves VS Amazons and Undead, the Orcs were unable to make it as there was a problem with payment to the players, some Orcs were being paid more Teef than others so their head coach The Tart had to stay home and look after the teams goblin finaciers who were trying to balence the books

The Kithband Thunders (0) 1 VS The Coffin Red Tide (0) 0

Players from 4 differant teams hit the field to contest the All Star game, and although these were supposed to be some of the best players of the season they all seemed to be suffering from exhaustion as blocks, passes and dodges failed left right and centre.

The 1st half ended goaless as both teams attempted to get along with their new team mates, the ball passing between the 2 allied teams several times.

The 2nd half was much of the same with both teams strggling to act harmoniously, eventually the alliance of Dwarfs and Elves got their act together with a spectacular passing play as the star Runner of the Thunderers scooped the ball up and slung it to the Warriors star catcher in the end zone.

With plenty of time to equilize the Amazon/Undead alliance made their best efforts to romp up the field with out success, with time running out the they ended a few squares short of scoring and the All Star cup went to the normally warring factions of the Elves and Dwarfs

The Blood Bowl Challenge Cup Final
The Stirland Blitz (1) 2 VS Boomtown (0) 1

The last time these two teams met the Rats of Boomtown won 2-1 and caused the Blitz's only loss and were the only team to score against them all season.

The Blitz chose to recieve and began the game with a failed block, grabbing their chance with 2 rat hands the players of Boomtown dived through the humans defence and grabbed the ball early.

Undetered the Blitz attacked the ball carrier and grabbed it back for themselves swiftly heading up field in their infamous cage attack. Having seen this before Boomtown created a covering defence and eventually forced the ball onto the ground and ran off with it.

A last gasp defence from the Blitz saw them cut off the rats and with their players starting to fill up the KO'd box they amazingly managed to get the ball on the floor again. With the Rats still having time to score the Blitz went for an unlikely pitch length score in theit final turn.

One of Stirlands Blitzers dodged out of the grasp of a skaven player and ran towards the ball, having to put a little more effort in he eventualy got there.
Scooping up the ball he eyed one of the Humans catchers downfield and threw the ball to him, narrowly passing through the hands of an intercept attempt it landed safely in the hands of the catcher who dodged away and sprinted downfield to score a spectacular Touchdown.

The 2nd half began with the head coach of the Rats realising the had only fielded 10 players in the 1st half!!!

Quickly getting his team to full strength his players grabbed the kickoff and made their way downfield slowly but surely.
With time reaching halfway through the second period the rats were in a good position to score thier first touchdown of the half, with one eye on potential overtime and another on the clock amd a 3rd on the ever decreasing size of the Blitz's active players Tomarse had a decision to make and eventually chose scoring over running the clock down a bit, to score was 1-1

With 4 turns left in the half the Blitz had plenty of time to win the game and with re rolls running out and a team lacking in players a win was far from the head coaches mind.

The team grabbed the ball and mde their way down field in the cusomary cage, entering the rats half of the field everything was looking good.
Boomtowns defence was solid and soon the cage was surrounded and scoring looked alot harder than it had done.

Eventually with some good selective blocking the Blitz were able to hand off the ball to one of their catchers who sprinted into the endzone for what would become the Championship winning score.

With no time to pull the score back the Rats had to give in and concede they would finish in runners up spot this year, a great result considering they had come last the previous year.

2009 Lone Wolf Challenge Cup Winners - The Stirland Blitz