Friday, 6 February 2009

Challenge Cup Wk 7

Week 7 was an interesting affair with only one game actually taking place.

In a mixture of excuses, The Blackfire Pass Thunderers were brought down with what they described as a curse whilst traveling to The Coffin Dodgers stadium for their game.
Head Coach of the Undead denied any involvement but the commission of the league ruled that the Dwarfs would be given a Week to recover and their match would take place the following week.

The Skaven of Boomtown had problems getting to their game with the Orcago Boars with their Doomwheel transports taking damage when travelling through the snow stricken fields of the Badlands.
This was followed by the Orcago boars announcing that some of the players WAGs were unable to make the final game of the season and they refused to play until they were pitch side.
Again the commission decided that their match would be replayed next week in a rearranged week 8.

The Final and Allstar game will now be scheduled for the 18th of February.

The Amazonian Red Tide (1) 3 VS Kithband Warriors (0) 0

In their final game of the season the Ladies of the Red Tide met the Elves of the Warriors in what turned out to be a one sided contest.

The Warriors recieved and a mixture of bad luck and some amazing and complicated plays from the Amazonians meant they were unable to make anything of the situation.
The Ladies took control and scored against the head in the 3rd turn of the 1st half, their defence stood stong after the score and a 1-0 score at half time looked good for the ladies.

The Red Tide recieved at the start of the 2nd half and shocked the Blood Bowl world by taking a quick 2-0 lead, capitalising on more bad luck from the Elves and the death and destruction they were causing.
By the end of the game the Elves had lost 4 players to the medical tent and and another touchdown as well.

The Warriors season ended as it begun, on the end of a 3-0 defeat, the Amazons celebrated moving into 3rd place for the moment.

Dungeon Bowl

In a break from the norm the Stirland Blitz used their extended time off before the final to take part in a charity game of dungeon bowl against a Norse team consisting of a mixture of Norsemen and Dwarfs.

It didnt take long for the Humans toget used to the cramped conditions of the dungeons and they were soon playing like they lived down in the cold stone coffin that was todays pitch.

With players all over the place and explosions rocking the stone work all night the Humans managed to get a relatively quick win gainst the Norse with a running score.

The match was not without its casualties, both teams lost players to not only the hospital but also to the warp and many teleporter malfunctions left both teams looking for new recruits.

The 2nd game was a much more drawn out affair, after the experiances of the 1st game both teams set up solid defences giving their opponants much less of a chance of a quick score.

This time the Norse got the ball early but had soon lost it to the Humans who ran off with the ball and spent most of the game in the final corridor trying to break the Norse defence. After what seemsed a life time the Humans finally got through the defences of the Dwarfs and scored to win 2 games in a row

Whether this will be a good warm up for the final is yet to be seen but both players and fans seemed to have a good time

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