Saturday, 28 February 2009


Hey! Remember the Celtic army I was working on?
Oh...... I know its been a while but....*sigh*.....
Anyway getting a little bored of blue and white for Elves I've taken a slight divergence and finished off a lot of Celtic stuff that's been hanging around the painting table for a while now!

First up a unit of 10 Celtic horseman. I've been jabbing random colours at these for what seems like (bronze!) ages so I decided to just get them finished.
For the amount of effort put in (not that much really, a bit like the English rugby team) they've come out quite well!

Next we have another character, the army standard bearer. Always a big fan of army standards as they keep the lads fighting just that little bit longer (well, hopefully!).
This fella was painted "normally" rather than dipped.

Finally its the start of my fanatic unit, otherwise known as crazy nekked dudes!
The one in the middle is a Warlord games Druid but as I have 3 other druid models (and you only get 1 per army!) I thought he'd be better off as a leader for the fanatic unit.
The other models are Foundry.

This brings the Celtic army points total to 628!! Quite respectable now and certainly enough to give the local Roman Watchtower a fright!

Next on the list is either another warrior unit or some chariots.


  1. Nice, that standard bearer looks like a young version of you and those nekkid ones are err authentic

  2. I'm planning on painting some naked girls. Not sure what that says about us both ;o)

    Otherwise well done.