Sunday, 26 April 2009

Angels of Despair

As you can see I have whipped up a couple of test figures for my next 40k project. I am torn between either Luna Wolves or Blood Angels but which ever I choose, it would be a Pre-Heresy army. Neither of these schemes takes long to do.

Blood Angel is black, Mech red, black wash, Mech red and Blood red

Luna Wolf is white, black wash, white (two coats) black line.

So get voting, it's on the side somewhere.


  1. I like the Luna Wolf looks very crisp for what sounds like limited effort.

    The B'angel might look better if the chest eagle was painted.

  2. Like them both but I thought the Luna Wolf's were grey not white.

  3. left the eagle as it would be pre heresy and didn't want to highlight that the figure was in the wrong armour.

    Luna wolves, white, grey, what's the difference