Sunday, 12 April 2009

Tale of..... Late Result!!

Totally forgot to put the final table up for the tale of round robin!
The details of the game elude me slightly (as it was so long ago!) but it went a little something like this:
  • The High Elf and Lizard combo shot and flamed the Dark Elf and Rat mash-up
  • Dark Elves and Rats miscast, a lot, and blew their own wizards up
  • High Elf and Lizards smashed the remainder of the Delf/Rats from the table
  • One small highlight for the Dark Elves was the cold ones slaying all the silver helms
  • Result: Massacre for High Elves and Lizards

Feel free to add any further detail!

This left the table looking like this:

Elemberels Expeditionary force - 20

Kraken Host - 15

Chee-Ti Lizards - 8

Sneek Sneek’s Rats - 3

Elves top the table and the lizards just about save some face! However we all now have to face the power of a fully functional Lizardman army!

See you soon for next years "Tale of............" contest!!!!!!


  1. Woop! About time

    Err yeah I think thats what happened.

    Im definatly up for another 'tale of..' next year, hopefully another fantasy army, probably Daemons :O)

    So next competition to think about is the painting competition....

  2. Yep painting comp, already 3 and half months in!
    Anyone started yet?

  3. Pesky double 1's

    Yup started mine, Forgeworld Ogryn Berserker ;o)

  4. I know what I want to do but other more important things to do at present

  5. Zed, I meant has anyone started THIS years painting comp entry, not LAST years!!

  6. Oh right.

    Bought a Chaos Lord on Daemonic Mount for this years comp.

  7. Look forward to seeing it painted for 2010 comp then!!