Thursday, 2 April 2009

Pitch and Catch

My new Blood Bowl team continue to come along steadily, this month I've painted the Throwers and Catchers.

As well as doing this I went mad and repainted all the skin on all 8 of my now completed players as I wasnt happy with the first results.

Just the 4 Blitzers to go, hopefully I'll do them this month....


  1. looking pretty good so far. What are your blitzers

  2. Oh! Turns out they're not genestealer cultists as I first thought!

    Looking good, particularly like the target on the catcher!

  3. The blitzers are more flaggies but with the 'hats on fire' heads

    You what???

    You'll see :O)

  4. i meant to ask, do you catch or pitch?