Monday, 6 April 2009

Big and Small

The Lizard production continues, this time its 28 Skinks and 3 Kroxigor.

With a little conversion work the skinks have a command group using the chief and standard from the Stegadon box and a hand bell taken from the Flaggelants I am using to make my latest Blood Bowl team.

With still a good few months until the big 6k Lizard vs Skaven fight all I have left to paint is

6 Lizard swarms
15 Cold one Riders
Old Blood on Carnosaur
Skink Chief
Skink Priest
Old Blood on Cold one
Scar Veteran Battle Standard

The movement trays will be finshed once the army is done


  1. it doesn't matter if you're tiny or tall

    it doesn't matter if you're big or small

    sing a long

  2. Looks good Mr Binx, surprised we didn't see them vs the rats last Weds!

    You forgot to add a random excuse about cameras though.......!

  3. Yeah, would have been a good unit to have, but they are expensive at 329prs