Saturday, 26 September 2009

At Ease Gentlemen

Well they're done! My Imperial Guard force are now 100% painted, coming in at a whopping 3244pts.

The Cadians are by no way finished to the point where I'm not going to add anything else, there's still a few more bits and bobs I'd like to add to the force in the future.

After a lot of games with the Imperial Guard since the new codex came out its time to put them to bed for a while ( well once the Apocalypse game is done) For the future I have my eye on....
  • A Leman Russ Demolisher ( and all the variants that come in the box)
  • A Psyker Battle Squad
  • Rough Riders
And who knows what else....

Right now to finish the Lizardmen....


  1. Good work Mr Binx you've had a very high output in the last year or 2.
    Just a few vamps to finish the VCs! Any day now....

  2. good job you have firmly placed yourself at the top of the completed leader board