Monday, 21 September 2009

The only way is up....

...Baby! sung of course by the 80's pop sensation Yazz!

So I've finished Commissar Yarrick and here he is in all his glory ready to fight the good fight in the upcoming Apocalypse encounter some time in 2013.

If my official entry to the Lone Wolves painting competition doesn't hit the spot then Yazz will be my entry, with of course some better photos.

All my blog entries are taken with a normal small digi cam but for this years competition photo I'll be getting out the proper big professional camera for the perfect shot.


  1. Looking good, but where's the pic of Marneus?

  2. For the pic of Marneus check his Ebay account. It was on there months ago!

    Looking good, the klaw looks bigger than normal! Just perspective I guess.