Monday, 21 September 2009

Hi my name is.........

Just thought i would introduce myself to the lone wolves.

I am currently getting together an Ork army, and above is some of the work i have done.....not to bad considering i have only been paining for 11 months! Well, i think so.

Anyways, take a look, hopefully enjoy!


  1. Woop!

    I like the way the pic shows the back when you click on it!

    One point though, scale your pictures down cos its feckin huge when you click on it!

  2. Elliot, has no one thrown a friendly arm across your shoulder and explained the Lone Wolf SC stance....?!

  3. Its ok he's been "educated"! At least you'll have someone to get your Marneus out with now! If the Binx ever finishes it!!

    Good to have you aboard Elliot, I'm looking forward to your weekly entry "Diary of a New Gamer"!!!!