Sunday, 13 September 2009

Son of Tale of X Painters

Following our recent discussion about needing more focus on painting like the good old days with "Tale of X Painters" I present the official posting for :

"Son of Tale of X Painters"

It goes like this:
  • Each month you decide if you are in or out
  • If you're in you pledge what you will paint and get a photo of on the Blog by the end of the month
  • If you fail to do so you will pay (sportsman's) £1 to all those that have completed their pledge
  • What you paint is up to you and can be from any game system.
  • Ideally all pledges should be of roughly equal scope. If someones pledge doesn't measure up those that are "in" can vote that it won't count!
  • No dropping out half way through a month, it'll still cost ya!
  • October will be the first month for "Son of........"

So I'll get the ball rolling with my October pledge !

12 High Elf shadow warriors. Now I have to admit they are partly started but they've been hanging around my painting table since "Tale of..." ended but I'm fed up with looking at them so they need to be finished and it'll be a nice gentle start to proceedings!

So, who's in???


  1. I'm in.

    For October I pledge 15 Cold One Riders. Granted again they have been started ( 5 Cold ones are done).

    This essentially leaves me with 10 Cold Ones and 15 Riders.

  2. just us three as the others never read it

  3. I daresay you're right Mr Zed!

    Got a pledge yet? Or leaving it til closer to Oct?

  4. cauldron of blood, not perhaps the volume expected but it's a centre piece unit and will take some time. The way my painting is going right now it seems a lot ;o)

  5. Not sure what to say, yet another comment attacking those of us that don't use the blog as often!!!

    Anyway my pledge is 5 close combat termies.

  6. Magnetising the arms or not?

    (oh why do I bother he'll never see the question!)

    Onwards to October!!!