Thursday, 4 October 2012

East is восток

4Ground are currently churning out a lot of terrain.
Recently released were Eastern Front style log cabins in 15mm scale and I was lucky enough to assemble the ones we got for the Wolves (not that there was much fighting!)
We got the village which is 4 buildings for £25, with a 10% discount for being newsletter subscribers. Nice! Zed has the 4th to do.

These things flew together very easily. The pieces came out of the wooden sprues with no problems, in fact most just fell out!
If you've ever done any scratch building or kit building these will cause no problems at all. Excluding drying times for the glue I probably took less than an hour to assemble all 3. The roofs are removable to allow placement of troops. You can get one standard flames of war base in each.
Only real criticism I have is the "lugs" that help put the roof together are clearly visible once stuck together. You could paint these out with the right colour match but I didn't want to risk it!
I quite fancy making a village base for them to bring them together and add a bit of life but that can wait!
Highly recommended for some Eastern front feel to your table top.

Четыре из пяти степняков

(4 out of 5 steppe dwellers)

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