Thursday, 4 October 2012

Say hello to Cyrus


Anyway, as some of you may know, I started doing Q&As for the members of the Lone Wolves, so we could learn a little more about them, it started well, and then I forgot...

Anyway, after a bit of prodding from Lordybloke, they are back, and to fit them all in before the end of the year, I'll post one every few weeks in the order I get them back via email...

So here we go...

1: How and when did you start wargaming?

Blimey; I was 14 so 25 years a go now way way back in 1987...not sure Elliot was born.

2: What was your 1st wargaming purchase?
A Troop of Harlequins with a Solitaire for 1st (I think) edition 40K

3: Do you remember you 1st painted models? How bad/good were they and do you still have any examples?
The Harlequins above and they were not brilliant although I spent hours on a black and white diamond pattern on the Solitaire’s legs which came out quite well.

4: How long have you known the other Lonewolves/how did you meet?
Have known Frazer the longest when I started at PC world so 17 years. Jon I met a few years later post Accusan days then Simon, Neil and Tom in fairly quick succession. Dave next which I seem to remember was at Frazer’s place in Bradley stoke, Eldar vs Templars. Elliot was a few years a go when he’d just left school.
5: Do you have a game that sticks in your memory (for good or bad reasons) that you'd like to recall?
There are some obvious ones but the one I remember most fondly was my first game of fantasy when I took over Neil’s guess range weapons and cannon’s and proceeded to shoot the most accurate volleys I have ever fired. Either that or the first game that started my FoW crack habit. First game outside of GW based systems and I remember not being able to sleep until 2am with excitement.

6: What’s your all time favourite games system?
Got to be Flames of War. 40K was always good but they have messed it all up now.

7: Any wargaming regrets/ things you would have done differently with hindsight?
Not bought metal Necrons in weight from Fred, Not spent £300 on Eldar to sell them to Neill (Not Neil) for £50 2 years later. Not to have been born with a flair or a desire to paint.

8: Any wargaming experience/ army/ model/ story that you are most proud of/ like to brag about?
Not really. I guess I’m really proud of the scenic settings for my mortar and canon. Spent hours and they look ace. Pity on the board they are completely impractical and never get used. I guess the other one would be playing on table 2 in the Blood Bowl World Cup 2011. Pity it went Downhill on Day 2. A bit more left field, but my boy’s face when I had built his Tyranids...

9: What do you see happening to your wargaming wise over the next 5 years?
My Bolt Action SS are shaping quite well and that will probably get added to over next year. I’d also like to look at some Mid War (as you can easily proxy) FoW or take the plunge and go early war. I dare say that something else will come a long that grabs the imagination. Napoleonic's maybe. Certainly the more historic stuff is more interesting for me now. Of course, I will give 40K another go when the B.Templars codex comes out. Mind you, they’ll probably have released another rule set by then....Lets hope so !.
10: Any final thoughts?
Why has a man never enough socks....bloody sock gypsys.

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  1. Cyrus! I remember him from when he used to play games on a Wednesday!