Sunday, 14 October 2012

Germans on Parade

Woop, my Germans are done. Has taken about 6 weeks in all to get this lot painted, and it comes to about 1100pts.

I am planning to finish these guys off with another infantry squad and a Panzer IV, which will get me to about 1500; and although we may not play that size of game, it will give me plenty of chance to play around with my list for each game.


  1. Love the terrain!

    Oh and good work on the army!

  2. love the board. Finally your army is finished

  3. Nice work buddy, transport looks spot on too.......and for once you didn't blame the camera.

  4. Hei :)) Great looking minis... which manufacturer is that ? Doesnt look like Warlord Games minis ?!
    Cheers from Ireland