Sunday, 17 February 2013

33% more Mega!

The third Ork mega-a-like from Kromlech is posted
They also have a link to their Ebay page giving a price of $54.99 (£35.43 at todays exchange).
That's me out for definite. I'm all for alternative manufacturers but the product needs to be either
A) As good as or a lot better than GW
B) A lot cheaper than GW

These are neither!
Half that cost and I may have stayed interested!

Any other views on alt-manufacturers?


  1. I agree with your summary

    That price could choke a giraffe

  2. Hi,

    It's $54.99 for a squad of 3. Here in Canada each GW ones is $30 ($90 for 3) so a $35 rebate. Quite cool for me. And I find them a lot better looking but that's presonnal preference :)