Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Good Life Gamer - February

Good Life February.  Firstly I would like to mention the passing of Richard Briars (Tom in The Good Life) yesterday, a sad moment for his family and British comedy. 

January sales worked out better than I expected and after costs I accrued nearly £75.  Progress hasn’t been as high as I hoped but then I have come to realise that my goals should all be halved to even stand a chance of success.


With funds in hand I purchased some Plastic Solider Company (PSC) Stugs to, er, replace, er, the ones I sold in January; It makes sense to me at least.  As Lordy and I getting quite into Battlegroup Kursk I also bought some Marder III’s.  We plan on fighting our way through the campaign in the book and where possible we are avoiding proxy models.  PSC don’t have any Marders yet and although it will probably be the summer before we get going I felt that the cheap Axis and Allies models on eBay were too good to pass up. I will no doubt replace them when the time comes.  I agree that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense either.


This month continues to see the Epic and 40k sell off and I have found that if you can cut the cord on 6mm GW games there is a rich seam of gold to be plundered.  Sales have been more modest but I auctioned fewer items and I enjoy having less to wrap.  Getting it all packed to take to the post office is the crash after the rush of selling


I have built the Guard Guards vignette for my mum’s birthday I’ve not made time for anything else. 


With a deadline, illness sweeping through the family painting has slowed to a trickle the Bolt Action SS squad for Cyrus has stalled whilst I aim to get the Guard Guards finished.  Mums birthday just over a week away.  I am still dabbing paint on bits of it and will photograph and post just before I post it.


Force on Force figures will have to wait.  I’ll take a proper look at Salute.   I hope to to get back to some 15mm vehicles and finish the SS squad that I am painting for Cyrus

See you next month


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