Tuesday, 26 February 2013


I've paused my German painting for a while and have moved on to painting some Skraeling for Saga.

We haven't played enough Saga since some of us first encountered it at Salute last year, hopefully, once the rest of my force are done we will play some more of this very good game

As these figures have so much more flesh showing than a lot of models I've painted recently , I decided to undercoat them white, not only to get a much cleaner and brighter finish to the skin, but also to allow me to use some older skin coloured paints that would struggle to cover a black undercoat in less than 2 or 3 layers.

You may notice that this first unit do not have any war paint, this is mainly due to me not being confident of being able to paint if well. I am worried that it will look too artificial and ruin the over all finish of the models.
I may be more adventurous in the future and may go back and some to these figures if it goes well.

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  1. Good work!
    Can't wait to play them with my Welsh warband again.... err...historical overload......