Saturday, 23 February 2013

Forces of Khador

Well, here they are...

A fully painted, based and completed, Warmachine forces of Khador army.
I took up this game last August, so within six months I've managed to compile around about 40/45 point army. Ive only played a handful of games, but its an enjoyable game with a decent mechanic.

I decided early on that, because it was not going to be a "main game" i wasn't going to go all out on the painting  there are what i would consider "table top standard" but no more.
In all honesty, i cant say i enjoyed painting them, or putting them together. As a standard of model i would have to say they are the worst i have worked with in my short time in this hobby (nearly 5 years!!!) the plastic doesn't stick together all that well, the flash on them is awful and don't even get me started on the metal!!
Still, it is what it is, and here they are for you to have a look at......

Let me know your thoughts.


  1. Did you use a telephoto lens from the other side of the road?