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Games Night 29th May

This week saw two games of Warhammer being played, on one table Cortez and Elliot had a Skaven civil war, on the other Binx and Lordybloke pitted the new army books of the Daemons and High Elves.
Below is the report of Binx and Lordybloke's game, playing Battleline, both forces deployed diagonally across the board. The Daemons deployed first, pushing everything as far forward as possible, whilst the High Elves sat back as far as they could, with only their eagles daring to get close to the rampaging horde of other world beings.
Turn One: The Daemons move toward the Elf line as fast as possible. Not much happened in the magic phase, apart from the Daemons managing to reduce their Invulnerable save to 6+ until their next magic phase.
The Elves shuffle about a bit, with only the Eagles really making any significant moves, attempting to slow down the advance with some march blocking.

Daemon Turn 2: The Daemon advance continues. The Fiends of Slaanesh run into the cover of the trees, getting ready to attack the Phoenix Guard. The Soul Grinder and Keeper of Secrets fail their tests and have to walk quickly to catch up with the rest of the force.

Daemon Turn 3: The first charges of the game; the Fiends of Slaanesh burst out of the trees to hit the Phoenix Guard and the Nurgle Plague Drones charge the Archers and Arch Mage.
In the magic phase, a unit of Bloodletters appears out of the warp right in front of the High Elf Bolt Throwers, much toe Binx's amusement and Lordybloke's disdain.

Daemon Turn 3: The first rounds of combat end with the Phoenix Guard and Fiends still locked in combat, whilst somehow the Plague Drones manage to beat the Archers and run them, and the Arch Mage down.

High Elf Turn 3: After the initial attack from the Daemons the High Elves, adjust their positions ready for the counter charge

Daemon Turn 4: The Daemons continue their advance into the teeth of the High Elves, whilst the Soul Grinder chases an eagle around the board.
The Phoenix Guard finally defeat the Fiends and join the rest of the Elves readying themselves to attack the big unit of Daemonettes

High Elf Turn 4: The en masse High Elf charge; White Lions hit the Plague Drones, Eagles the Bloodletters and the Phoenix Guard and a block of Spearmen the Daemonnettes. A failed charge means that the 2nd unit of spears fails to join in.

High Elf Turn 4: After the combat the Plague Drones are wiped out by the White Lions, whilst the Eagles reduce the Bloodeletters to 3. The big combat in the middle continues as the Bloodletters who came from the warp, finally finish off the Bolt Throwers and turn, ready to get in on the action.

Dice roll of the game: Needing 6's to save his spear elves, Lordybloke makes 5 out of 6 saves!

High Elf Turn 5: The big central combat continues, the warp spawned Bloodletters are destroyed, but with the spear elves hit with a couple of Daemon Hexes, they struggle to stay in the combat. The Keeper of Secrets and Soul Grinder get ready for a final turn  charge.

Damon Turn 6: The final turn sees the Keeper of Secrets hit the big combat, and helps rout and run down the Phoenix Guard. The Daemonettes wipe out the spear elves, and await the next unit to hit the combat.
The Soul Grinder tries to charge the Eagle, who flees, and fails to redirect into the White Lions.
In the final High Elf turn, the spear elves charge but fail to wipe out the Daemonetes and the game ends. After totalling up the victory points, the Daemons scored about 1400pts more than the Elves, so clinch victory.
Both Binx and Lordybloke agreed that this was a great game of Warhammer, what looked at the start to be the Daemons marching in to the teeth of the High Elves, only for their remains to be hacked up, turned into a intensive, combat driven battle that could have gone either way. It must have been a great game as the game sailed past midnight without either of us noticing.
A rematch will be on the card, where Lordybloke will make an effort or poke it to the Slaaneshi Heralds that caused him so much annoyance.
As for the Skaven civil war, Elliot came out on top, and Cortez has also invoked his rematch clause, where he will rip up the Plague magic card prior to the game! 

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