Tuesday, 18 June 2013

'Saga' and 'Musket & Tomahawk' Indians

You wait for ages for a new post and 3 turn up at once....

Anyway, whilst I was painting my Blood Bowl Nurgle, all other painting slowed to an almost standstill, but now I'm back in the game.

I have finished a unit of 12 levies for my Saga Skraeling.

When I painted my first two units of Skraeling warriors, I took a lot of time on the skin (probably too much) and was worried that I, A: wouldn't be able to replicate it and B: doing it would drive me insane with the next 25 models I have.

So when it came to painting these, I took a different approach. Instead of doing a handful of mixed colours, I made the jumps a lot bigger, going from Tanned Flesh, with a flesh ink wash, to Dwarf Flesh to Elf Flesh, with a final light ink wash to hide the cloudiness of the colours.

The final result looks very similar, if not the same as my previous work, meaning that my Skraeling will be done a lot quicker, and not stress me out as much as anticipated

Before moving on to some more Skraeling, I have now moved onto my 15/18mm Musket & Tomahawk French force, starting, as I had the correct colours on my paint station, with the Indian.

They only took a few hours, including a dinner break, so I have now started on another unit, which I will no doubt blog about soon. For now here is a preview of the completed Indian unit.

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  1. Well done

    You love flicking your brush over a half naked man!!