Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Paint Station.......

Well it's that time again, my painting head is back on and I must admit I've missed it. Sitting at my desk listening to tunes and painting models.....why don't I do it more often.

Anyway down to business, there is way to much stuff for me to say what I need to do so I'll simplify it. We've been having several games of WFB doubles to get Klepto and Binx ready for the doubles this weekend @GW HO, so Lordy and I have been trying out several different armies, I've used my Skaven & Orcs which is what brings out the below pic of finished models.

I've had these 3 Heresy Miniatures Trolls for several years and not really done much with them which is daft seeing as they are easy to paint, Wanted to get something under my belt and finished to put on here rather than just WIP stuff (I have way to much of that).

Now on to the WIP stuff, I've been collecting my Crimson Fists marines since....ummm....errr....well lets just say it's been a long time. The old codex introduced the new Vet squads of Sternguard and Vanguard, with that I decided to make my own Sternguard.

First 5 are table top ready, they just need the blue to be highlighted.

Second 5 are ready for detail highlights & basing ready for the table top.

Finally I got the standard bearer and apothecary up to TTS, to match the rest of the command squad.

Well that's me done for now, I'll be busy over the next few months as the club have decided we need to sort out the scenery, looking at repairs/redo's and new stuff, so you'll see a few posts from me as I stuck my hand up for the building of bits (can't paint scenery for toffee).

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