Monday, 18 November 2013

Warhammer Battle Brothers 2013 (picture heavy)

This weekend myself and Klepto Elliot visited Warhammer World to take part in the Battle Brothers Warhammer tournament. We went last year with our Ogres and Orcs, winning two out of our five games, and this year set our target on 3 wins.
Little did we know that after five excellent games we would have won every game and finished in fifth overall out of fifty teams.
Below is all the pictures I took during our visit.... Enjoy....
The High Elves, including top tier phoenix, we thought we were going to play first game, but due to a mix up we were on the wrong table

Game one against High Elves and Lizards was Dawn Attack, they had a lot of Skink skirmishers and Silverhelms with the Banner of the World Dragon

The Plague Bearers make the long trudge from the right flank, as the Rot Flies and Beast of Nurgle zip up the left flank

The Silverhelms and Chaos Warriors keep on fighting as the Nurgle plague slowly move in to surround the remaining lizards 

The Nurgle pincers continue to close

The Elves finally crumble, leaving a hand full of skinks on the battlefield

Post game wander into the store...
The Forgeworld Troll Queen is massive!

Look red lizards!

Painting competition entries, the one on the left won

Game two: Slaanesh Warriors and Nurgle Daemons, Battle for the Pass

Chaos clashes with Chaos, the ogres and Plaguebearers at the bottom of the picture both failed multiple charges!

The Nurgle warriors are victorious as the Slaaneshi warriors get ready for the Plaguebearers

The Nurgle Herald gets sucked off after a miscast taking half the Slaaneshi warriors with him

Our opponents Plaguebearers beat off the ogres, only to be counter charged by the rallied chariot, winning us the game

Blood and Glory against a full 2000 point Dwarf army

After surviving multiple Organ Gun and Cannon shots we finally hit their battle line. Notice the summoned Plaguebearers threatening the Runesmith

After surviving four turns for shooting from the Thunderers and Crossbows, the Gorebeast chariot finally gets a charge off, killing al the crossbows

The Chaos Warriors rout the Dwarf warriors

The ogres and plaguebearers win their combat and the game is over

Room for one more?

Day Two: Vampire Counts and Goblins, with two Mangler Squigs

With manglers and fanatics getting in the way the Plaguebearers charge into a large Zombie formation

The fight with the Zombies is almost over, the Gorebeast chariot and Beast of Nurgle get ready to protect the flank. Fanatics continue to get in the way

Flies vs Squigs: one squig survives even with squigs behind a defended obstacle

The Gorebeast and Beast protect the flank as the Plaguebearers move onto the night goblins, after dispatching the Vampire and Grave Guard. Note the mangler still getting in the way

As the flies go after the warmachines, a mass brawl kicks off in the centre. It doesn't end well for the Vamps and Goblins. Win number four

Game five, the Watchtower. Turn two, the Warriors take the tower, whilst everything else charges straight in.

After destroying the Demi-Gryphs the Plaguebearers slowly grind down the Dwarfs. The game ends with only the other unit of Demi-Gryphs (far right of shot) being the only survivor. Win five!

So a great weekend had, five really good games and only 2vps off fourth place... Roll on next time, best start planning....


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