Saturday, 30 August 2014

Chain of Command - 15mm Soviet Tank Riders

Whilst in the middle of painting my Fallschirmjager platoon for Chain of Command in 28mm, nearly done, I was asked by Binx if I had any spare soviets for a CoC platoon in 15mm.  As a typical example of a gamer/hoarder I did.  The trouble is that set me to thinking about whether I should have a platoon, there was a whole box of Plastic Soldier Company in my 'to be painted immediately' pile (been there 18 months) so I cracked it open and put together a tank rider platoon and an infantry squad from the support list.  Which still leaves plenty for Binx and some left overs.

I went for a very quick solution regards painting; primed with a 30/70 mix of Vallejo German yellow and white primer and then blocked in the trousers, hats etc with reasonable colours I had to hand.  A wash and a coat of varnish and they are done.  These are not amazing but I have completed them in about 3 hours.

The Fallschirmjager just need the bases doing but now a box of 15mm British infantry is winking at me...

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