Saturday, 16 August 2014

Cold Ones

After a month of being between jobs, and managing to paint a colossal amount of figures, I am now back to the more traditional fun of grabbing 30 minutes here or there during a weekday evening, and fitting in some hobby between chores on the weekend.

At the moment I am 'enjoying' the enviable position of not having a great deal of my collection left to paint; but this does mean that I am returning to paint some models I have had for a while, of which quite a few have been left because they were not high on my list of favourite models to do.

So here are the latest models to be completed, 16 Lizardmen Cold One Riders; including a Hero.

I cant say I enjoyed painting them, and they aren't some of my best work, but they'll do and at least they are out of the way.

Next on the table are three unit fillers for my Lizardmen army, and then a Hero/Lord on a Carnosaur.

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