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Chain of Command Campaign - Turn 2

Turn two of the Chain of Command campaign - Objective Spa.  The German movements are in red and the Allies are in blue.  At the top of the map the 12th SS push forward against the unprepared American forces.  In the centre the Panzergrenadiers have been pushed back beyond their start positions and in the south the Axis initial failure has been met with success as another assault finally succeeds

Northern Sector

12th SS Probe: What started as an unmitigated intelligence disaster was turned into a outright victory by Herr Kaufmann against the somewhat depleted American forces. Electing to press his advantage, Herr Kaufmann requested forward intelligence in attempt to flank the American’s and initially pressed forward in the wrong direction into an unoccupied area of Spa. Realising the error, Herr Kaufmann double timed his forces to the West but ended up fighting over a much narrower field of battle where the American’s had already had time to start fortifying the area. Unperturbed, Obersturmfuhrer Kaufmann deployed his forces in interlocking fields of fire with the main forward section able to fire on the American HMG teams from the cover of a wood and out of line of sight of any of the other American force. Our superior training and morale told quickly and the HMG’s were quickly turned from their positions. Having deployed a second section the American’s took to the defence and brought their fire to bear on the third German section advancing double time across the open in order to press the advantage. However, the section in the tree line started to inflict further casualties and the second American section also chose to retreat. To the West of the area, second section were in stalemate against an American section fortified behind a heavy wall and large hedgerow. Electing to effectively pin the American’s, second section did not even fire a shot and allowed First and Third to press to the East and in the end force a wholesale withdraw with Minimal losses sustained [CO +1 (2)]. The only KIA of note was Lars Konrad Hoch. That said, his section were discontented with his continued disregard for the men and the subsequent promotion of Konrad Hepple has further improved morale [Men +1 (3)]

Losses after Probe = 2 Dead, 1 Return to Duty, 1 Missing next game
Despite a hasty reorganisation of the platoon Lieutenant Porter was unable to get his men to fight effectively, it was as though all the training and the experience fighting  D-Day +5 had been forgotten.  The MG Squad had once again taken the brunt of the casualties, ten more casualties and five men buried.  The CO had spoken to him in now uncertain terms that he needed to turn things around and quickly. [CO -1 (-3)]. the rest of the platoon were starting to lose faith in him[Men -1 (-3)]

When the first war began, the Great War as it was called, many men thought they would be home by Christmas. That may not have happened for them back then, but trooper Grübert had that sinking feeling that he would make it back for the festive period, chances were that it would be in a wooden box.
After being forced back by the Russian forces, the Germans regrouped and began to survey no man’s land, getting ready for the inevitable counter attack.
It only took minutes for the Grüber’s scouting team to encounter the Russian resistance, the firefight was short and bloody, and the Soviets were forced back into the cover of the tree line.
Upon hearing that their scouts had faced fierce but weak resistance Franz and the main force of Germans advanced towards Dawson’s Peak; intelligence had revealed this to be a prime position to oversee the entire valley.
Franz thought it to be too quiet, no Russians could be seen anywhere, no signs of the enemy anywhere. Still wary the Germans continued to slowly press on into no man’s land, moving to the edge of the tree line and then eventually into the freshly harvested corn field…
Central Sector 
Dakka dakka dakka, just as Franz and his men broke the tree line all hell broke loose as dozens of Russian’s unleashed hell upon the approaching Germans, bullets flying all around them, men dropping to the ground, some voluntarily, some riddled with bullets.
Almost immediately, the Germans were on their heels fleeing back towards the trees, most made it, but some were unlucky to be cut down as they turned tail.
Friedrick, out of breathe, trying to hold back the vomit, sweat dripping, staining his fatigues looked around him, he was one of the lucky ones, they may have only lost a few men, but the morale was hitting an all-time low.
“This war better be over soon” thought Friedrick “Hopefully I’ll live to see the end of this hell”
Southern Sector

Leutnant Hassel's platoon were back at their original positions after the failed attempt to push the British outposts back.  "You can never expect the Tommies to understand they should give in" he thought and raised his glasses surveying the ground ahead.  Movement definitely movement.  "Obermayer! get the men ready we are about to be contacted"

The British platoon came on fast and strong, two sections set up a base of fire whilst the third advanced along some dead ground at speed. 
"Follow me lads, into the woods and we'll give Jerry a surprise" Corporal Bexon said to his men as he dashed for the trees.  They almost made it but the German reserve squad was already setting up their MG42's and soon the dreadful buzzsaw sound was cutting through the air as bullets cut through One Section. 

the recently promoted Obergefreiter Karl Fischer moved his men with confidence setting up a murderous cross fire on the bold British section pinning them in place ready for an assault.

Smoke landed temporarily obscuring the Germans in the woods.  Once again Pvt Coombs and Pvt Read were on target and it gave their comrades the opportunity to withdraw.  Only half of them made it back.

Walfred Hassel had redeemed himself in both his CO's opinion and more importantly in the eyes of his men [+1 CO and Men's Opinion]


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