Sunday, 23 November 2014

Hobby Updates

A bit later on a Sunday than usual, its hobby update time.

As this was the last week of the £5 challenge, see Tuesdays post, its another quiet week, but hopefully there will be more to report on next week.

First up some modern British from Frazer, who is painting these for Matt. After making their table debut a few weeks ago, its time for them to get their camo on so they don't attract more Taliban bullets too soon.

As I finished my £5 challenge figure last week, I have had time to crack on with something new.

Firstly, I've built the Flying Saucer, Giant Stompy Robot and Flat Bed Truck for Mantic's Mars Attacks game. I doubt these will get any paint on them any time soon, but at least they can now be used.

And finally, I've made a start on my Dark Eldar Voidraven Bomber, with my Razorwing Jetfighter nearby for reference.

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