Tuesday, 11 November 2014

The £5 Challenge Part 2

One week has passed since we all declared our modes for the £5 challenge, so how has everyone progressed?

At the time of writing this, not everyone has provided a picture, but we'll go with what we have.

Elliot has done a lot of work on his Ork, with the skin, and the main challenge of the face yet to do.

Neil has managed to build and then undercoat his librarian, some more beautifully manicured nails...

Next is my Chaos Lord. The red and bone is done, the gold need another highlight or two, after that its onto the cloak, and the as yet unattached sword.

Frazer has given his miniature a cool base and a chainfist. he's now primed and ready for some colour.

Finally, Matt has decorated a plate, and used it to present the parts of his complicated Space Marine Chaplain conversion.

Next week we'll be two thirds through, what will the models look like with seven days to go?

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