Saturday, 15 November 2014

Wednesday War - Dead Man's Hand - 40K

This week games played were Warhammer 40K, two pick up games, and the final game for the first round of the Dead Man's Hand Legend campaign.
Fill your hand you son of a bitch!
Matt and Frazer played 'There will be blood' in scene one the two protagonists resolve their disagreement by using the player cards as in blackjack.  Scenes two and three include all the gang members and the end of each scene resolves injuries and replacement gang members. 
The town is quiet, too quiet.

The crooked Sheriff John Stockburn and his two equally crooked deputies head into the saloon

Deputy Granger and Stockman Nathanial Reed disagree over a game of poker and take it to the street.

The gangs assemble and as on of the Deputies lines up a shot on Big Mac and his regulators Trixie steps from the shadows and fires her derringer at close range.  Always pay the whores what they are owed...!

Trixie's unmodified role - The upstanding (?) citizen card

It's scene three and Big Mac and his regulators have increased their gang by one and quickly gain the upper hand over Sheriff Stockburn and his men

Rufus Buck ends the final scene with both barrels of his shot gun and justice has been served.

A very one sided game where Frazer could do no wrong when it came to dice rolling.  The cards never really helped Matt and at the end of the first campaign turn the Lawmen were burying one man and had a few injuries to show for their trouble.  Frazer's cowboys didn't even get shot at in the final scene and their rep soared to 19 as the gang recruited and purchased guns and horses.

Sector 9 Raiders inbound

This week saw the return of the Dark Eldar as they continue their raiding along the fringe of the Ultima Segmentum.

 Six objectives were scattered around the debris, with some being worth more than others.

All quiet in sector 9

Under direction of the Librarian Maxim

Both sides tentatively used their respective flanks to scout the field of battle, both wary of committing to the biggest scoring objective in the centre of a patch of open ground.

The two squads of Venom mounted incubi were interrupted by a drop pod  full of death company, but their fears were unfounded as after two rounds of combat, all the death company were dead, for the loss of one dark Eldar..

Sitting pretty, they were soon in trouble as a pincer attack from the incubi and Wracks wiped them out.

Naked weirdo's waiting for the next hover bus.  All the red men have left

The dark Eldar jet bikes went for the right flank but were met in force by the librarian and assault marines that had previously been taking shelter in the sand bagged region, and were wiped out.

With time running out (turn 5) the blood angels went for the major objective, taking out the Ravager as they went.

The final jet bike is crushed.

Too little too late the Blood Angels head of to find close combat.
With only the terminators left to grab any objectives, it was all over, as the dark Eldar swarmed all around mopping up their enemies.

Ere we go, Ere we go, Ere we go!

This week Neil and Si smashed heads as Orks and Space Wolves met head on in the inevitable short edge game.

Battlefield ready

Si check his adding up.  Always prepared!! 

The Orks spill forth shoulder to shoulder.

Lone Wolf Si shows the greenskins a clean pair of boots before he and his retinue are overwhelmed by numbers
More boyz on the way

The terminators get stuck in and do well in the first round of combat but the second round sees 56 dice for the orks v 9 for the wolves.  Everyone knows how this will end and it does

Everything is piled forward on both sides

Despite some significant losses and a good number of objectives held the Space Wolves casualties mount and the ork objective total creeps up

Whilst the battle still has some legs it's clear that the Orks have won.  The VP's are in their favour and so is the number of units still in action

Back to the drawing board for the Space Wolves.  40K - It's your own fault...

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