Sunday, 16 November 2014

Hobby Updates

Another week, some more hobby progress from the Lone Wolves. With all of us working on our £5 challenge models, its another quiet week but lets see what's been going on...

First up is Frazer, who has continued his work on Dave's In Her Majesties Name figures. If you look closely you can see his £5 challenge model in the background.

Simon has been busy on his Space Wolf Long Fangs, whilst building some WW2 British for Frazer, and some carts to use in our Dead Mans Hand campaign.

Chris has been busy finishing his £5 challenge model, to be revealed on Tuesday, but with a large package turning up in the post on Friday he now has a few more models to play with.
Most of the club have invested in various Kickstarter projects, the Mars Attacks project will keep Chris busy for a while. Pictured are all the models received; the giant robot isn't built yet, but you can get an idea of the size, and what you cant see is the flat bed truck and the mountain of ruined city scenery.

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