Friday, 1 May 2015

Salute 2015

Last week three of us travelled the long road to London town, to visit Salute at the Excel Centre.

We've tried different routes from Bristol, including staying overnight just outside the M25 and setting off on the morning and going round the M25. This time we went straight at it, straight though the middle of London.

After passing Oxford Circus, Trafalgar Square, two Shaun the Sheep, and relatively lighter traffic than expected we arrived earlier than anticipated.

The organisers had moved the queue into a separate room, and although brilliant on paper, the lack of barriers and the hope that civilised wargamers would be patient, fell apart when the doors opened and the stampede began. Imagine a rugby scrum involving several thousand men women and children.

Once we were in we headed for the Guild Ball as Chris wanted to grab a rulebook, that he should have added to his Kickstarter pledge. It also turned out that quite a large proportion of the aforementioned scrum, also wanted to do the same. With the queue moving at a snails pace as the guys behind the game came to terms with how popular their game actually was, Chris was left, as the others went a wandering.

Soon enough the group got back together and the real exploring and buying began.

Below are all the photos we took, it would take too long to caption them all, so have a look and ask any questions in the comments section.

Prepare for many pictures.....


  1. The star wars hoth game. What actual rules were they using? And minis?

  2. Awesome! I'm really jealous you got to go, although the Easyjet-style queueing system sounds like a drag. Possibly the last Salute in Excel :( Wonder where they will set up bext year?

    That Spehs Mareen reminds me of a Games Day in the early 90's (would have been funny if he was at that table learning how to play 40k).

    Yay for the Stormtroopers! They always put on a good show, and I'm impressed at the youngling. When I was his age, I'd probably have been to shy/intimidated to get a piccie taken with Darth Vader.

    1. Salute will continue to be at Excel, the statement that this was there last year was a published and subsequently retracted mistake. Next year Jon, next year... :o)

    2. Thanks for that Frazer. I can't wait to make the move back down south. It's only at times like this I realise what I've been missing out on. Roll on Salute 2016!

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