Sunday, 31 May 2015

Hobby Round up Week 22

Its the end of Half Term and time for some more hobby updates.

Its been a while since we saw an update from Big Papa, and he has been very busy. Our first two pictures are of two "chibi" miniatures from his Warheads collection.

Inspired by these figures, Big Papa has done what only he can do, and has sculpted his own "chibi" style figure, but this time in 15mm. He hopes to cast a few of these up in the near future and get the club to have a go at painting them.

Finally from Big Papa a Black Tree Design dwarf, that may soon appear on their website; another great bit of work.

Simon has followed Chris and Elliot into the wonderful world of Malifaux, and has begun sticking together his crew. Three models down, plenty more to go no doubt.

Chris has continued to work on his Guild Ball Morticians, with one more figure almost done. Just the massive cloak of feathers to go!


  1. Great work Mr big papa. I have to say though, chibi- I don't get it!!

    1. Thanks mate. I'm not a massive chibi afficianado, but it's just something that has caught my imagination at the moment.

      I'm really enjoying the novelty of painting/sculpting something outside of the usual range, and I've learned useful things in the process.

      Next time I could be back to doing Ancients or Malifaux or something. It's nice to shake things up a bit once in a while, though.

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