Sunday, 3 May 2015

Hobby Round up Week 18

Its May already! Where is the year going?
Lets get started...
Simon has resisted the call of Destiny on the PS4 and continued to work on multiple projects.
After the delivery of Guild Ball teams for those who helped fund the Kickstarter, Simon has been the first to get some paint on his miniatures.
He has finished one player and has made a start on the majority of the team.
Not content with just painting some fantasy football players Simon has also been tackling his never ending supply of Crimson Fist Space Marines, this time he has started a Chaplain and some more Terminators.


Just when you thought he couldn't have possibly done any more hobby, here is the start of the 4ground stage coach for our Dead Mans Hand games.

Frazer has continued to work on several projects, here he have one for himself and one for Dave. Below we have some in progress shock markers for Chain of Command.

And here are some In Her Majesties Name figures for Dave

Chris has finally finished the Dave's PHR starter force for Drop Zone Commander.  

All the walkers and tanks are magnetised so they can be attached to the drop ships during play.

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