Sunday, 21 June 2015

Hobby Round up Week 25

Hello again everyone its hobby update time again.
This week we'll kick off with Frazer who has been working on a range of projects, firstly some 15mm British tanks for Simon.

He has also been wrestling with some 28mm moderns; not happy with the camo pattern shown in a previous update, it has gone through some repaints, and Fraz has now settled on the paint job shown below.

And finally, he has added some colour to his Disk rider of Tzeentch, maybe we'll see this on the battlefield soon, but will it be for 8th or 9th edition of Warhammer?

Simon has finished building another carrier for his 15m British
Neil has started a new project, some Forgefathers for Mantic Games' Deadzone. Here we have 3 Brokkr, 1 with a magma rifle and an engineer with an inferno drill. Also shown is a Forgeguard with auto cannon.
Big Papa Jon has really embraced Guild Ball. He has gone to town with a couple of goals, has undercoated some figures and has swiftly finished painting Greede. 

Finally this week, after finishing (minus bases) his Guild Ball Morticians, Chris has moved onto something a bit different, finishing (again minus base) the first of his 'Ninja Turtles' figures; after finishing Leonardo, he has now started the other three Heroes in a half shell.


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