Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Tuesday Hobby: Size isnt everything

Big Papa didn't  have anything new to show this week, since he's been decorating his Mum's front room, but did his in progress 15mm WIP Warhammer Empire.  Its one of those projects that he keeps"nibbling" at when  he gets some spare time.
All based for Kings of war (with dice frames for keeping track of wounds), and painted in ye olde warhammer style, with units being raised from several different city-states.  Here's what he used: 
Humans are all from Essex Miniatures, with a few heads/hats from Black Hat and Museum Miniatures.
Ogres are an amalgam of Avatars of War Dwarf Slayers, GW Orc heads, Empire plastic hats, and a bit of green stuff.
The war wagon/siege tower is scratch built (mainly from spare plastic bases and card) with a few gubbins from the bits box, and horses from Black Hat.  Still a ways to go before I finish, but in my defence, cutting tiny strips of tiles, sorry - armour plates - from card and sculpting lion faces with leftover green stuff gets boring very quickly.


  1. Excellent stuff! I've got the 2nd ed kings of war book coming and will be quite keen to try it out. What size bases are you using?
    I'll have a look at what other 15 mm armies might float my boat!

  2. Thanks for the comments, guys. It's been fun putting these guys together, but now I may have an opponent waiting for me, I may need to move up a gear!

    Neil, I've used the following base sizes (bases courtesy of minibits, and 2mm thick). To maximise the usefulness of the models, I've based them in groups that correspond to the minimum unit size:

    Man-sized or smaller infantry: 10x10mm footprint (so, my groups of ten (well, eight plus two dice frames) are on 50x20mm bases)

    Large infantry (Orcs or Chaos Warriors) 15x15mm footprint (75x30mm for a group of ten)

    Monstrous infantry (Ogres, Trolls etc.) 20x20mm footprint (60x20mm for a single rank of three)

    Chariots/Monstrous cavalry 25x50mm footprint

    Artillery etc. Whatever suits

    Have a good look around, there are loads of great 15mm fantasy ranges out there. My personal favourites are Ral Partha Europe's Demonworld, Splintered Light, and Magister Militum's Blood Dawn models. But there are loads of others out there, and finding them is half the fun.

  3. I wouldn't rush Jon, my painting and modelling is currently at glacial speed!
    Splintered light I've had a good look at previously and like their stuff, I'll check out the rest.
    Hopefully my KOW book will be with me by the end of July.
    I'll pick your brains further then!

  4. Now look what you've done! Ral Partha Dwarfs are lovely...

  5. You know you want to, Chris! They are great little models. Most of the models I brought with me when I set up that dungeon crawl game all that time ago were from Ral Partha.

    But I'll be down again next month visiting family and (hopefully) the Tewkesbury medieval festival (that's on the 11th and 12th, if you guys are interested), so feel free to pick my brains then. I can bring some of my 15mm fantasy stuff down for you all to have a look at if you'd like.