Sunday, 28 June 2015

Hobby Round up Week 26

Welcome to another update.
This week Big Papa has continued to work on his Guild Ball miniatures, firstly Avarice & Greede, although the phone picture flash has not done justice to the figure.
Big Papa has also been working on one of his goals....

...and because Big Papa is slightly insane, he has decided to sculpt some 15mm replicas of the Butcher and Fisherman teams, first team member to be done is Angel, who is looking very good so far.

Chris has finished one project and returned to another project to add the bases. After finishing Leonardo last week, he has now finished all four of the Ninjas. These will form the backbone of his new Fistful of Kung Fu gang.

Now that the Coolminiornot bases have arrived, they have now been painted and the Morticians are finished; as well as a team coloured ball.

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