Sunday, 14 June 2015

Hobby Round up Week 24

Another Sunday, another hobby update.
Big Papa has invested in the world of Guild Ball and his first finished miniature is the Mascot for his Butchers. This isn't the official model, but is in fact a Dwarf Throwing Mastiff from Mantic Games
Chris has been working on a some Flames of War tanks for Dave, who needed them for a tournament he is attending at the end of the month. With a maximum of three weeks to get them done, he got on with it and the four Crocodiles are done.

Whilst working on the Crocodiles he has also been finishing off his Guild Ball Morticians; firstly their mascot Dirge, and then Casket.

Chris's Morticians are now just waiting for their bases to arrive, which at last time of checking were in Hamburg, Germany.

Simon has been building some more British, here is once of his Carriers, with roof off, roof on and towing.


  1. Nice group shot, Chris. Funny, though; I thought casket was going to be huge, but he looks tiny in the team photo. Maybe because he's hunched over and Obulous/Silence are floating?

  2. Thanks. The casket on Caskets back is huge, it's about an inch thick, and yes, when if he were to stand up straight and the floaters decided to walk, he'd probably be the tallest