Monday, 30 June 2008

Altdorf...To Arms !

Having started an Empire Army several weeks ago, my successful ebay bid (the best part of 1250 points worth of assorted spearmen, knights and the like) turned up over the weekend so I can join in the fun..puff.. puff...must paint. Have to say a big shout out to Daniel Eatch. Not only was the army superbly put together and 'cleaned' but he threw in a whole load of 'spare sprues' of which there were so many, I thought the picture of a completed army on Ebay was a fake and I'd been sent an army to build (check the arrival picks)

This is going to be a tough order for me. If I'm honest, I'm probably the slowest painter of the group, on account of me being the least tidy and having to constantly touch areas up so this is going to be an insane challenge..not least of which is going to be due to the 1000 points choice list. Mind you, I also tend to lack discipline and pay more attention to interesting modelling ideas rather than the task in hand. There are a couple of pics of one completed and one work in progress to give you an idea as well as a snap of some completed Swordsmen to show the colour scheme. The new order "all hail the dip!" has helped a great deal and it really does save hours although you have to get your head around your models looking shocking before the liquid gold (brown) does it's stuff. Models in the pics are dipped so you'll get an idea of how it works on different colours.
Right...on with the 1000 point list:

Captain with Kit - 89 pts
Battle Wizard (L2) with Kit - 135 pts
15 Swordsmen with upgrades - 115 pts
15 Spearmen with upgrades - 91 pts
10 Handgunners - 80 pts
5 Knights with upgrades, steel standard - 175 pts
10 Greatswords with upgrades - 130 pts
1 x Mortar - 75 pts
Hellblaster Volley Gun - 110 pts
Great list and bang on the 1000 points. Only problem is..thats 47 models to paint.....eek..



  1. Sounds and looking good.
    Shame we've just modified the rules so that all magic items and banners will be added after when we finally battle.
    Also no starting any painting until August.
    Apart from that good job!!

  2. Good work, likeing the wall. It's also good to see someone else able to make a 1000pt legal army list without having to worry about spending points on magic items after.