Thursday, 19 June 2008

Mighty Empires Campaign Ends Suddenly

We started a Warhammer Fantasy Campaign two months ago when Binx presented his 2000 points Vampire Counts Army. He'd built and painted it in less than a month, a magnificent achievement, and it looked lovely too.

The Campaign Armies were:

Zed - Knights of Bretonnia
Lordybloke - Talabecland Empire
Binx - Dirty Vampires
Cortez - Squabbling Orcs
Big Jon - Dwaves of many cannon
Tomarse - Extreme Chaos Mortals

The VC were an unknown quantity and a rather bent looking army list had us all concerned about how we would manage to defeat this new evil. Quite easily is the answer. Binx and the VC went on to suffer massacre after massacre result. With only the Cortez's Orcs able to manage the same level of defeat.

Last nights game against Lordy's Empire forces were a close run thing and a super speed vampire with an 18" charge destroying a Volley gun (it never misfires, no really it hasn't) and a mortar before joining a bitter fight against the Empire General and his knights looked as though he would deliver Binx's first victory. Alas the Vampire Lord died in the bitter struggle and the army collapsed in the last turn of the game.

This gave Lordybloke enough points to win the campaign even though some of us haven't managed to challenge everyone.

A two week lull in gaming ensues as we get some building and painting done for 5th edition 40k and maybe a painting challenge...

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