Saturday, 21 June 2008

Cold Blooded

With the tale of four gamers with six people a few weeks away I have decided to be the first member to submit their 1000pts
With the Lizardmen Army Book due for review in 2009, it seems a perfect chance to get my already large force painted in time for a few new models that the new book will undoubtedly bring with it.

So here follows my 1000pts for the upcoming competition

1 lvl 2 Skink Shamen 100pts
1 Saurus Scar Veteran 85pts
16 Temple Guard with full command 323pts
15 Skinks with a Brave 95pts
15 Skinks with a Brave 95pts
3 Terradons 105pts
3 Salamanders 195pts

Total = 998pts


  1. I take it you no longer need me to check out the ogres then!!

  2. Ogres did cross my mind but Lizards it is....
    Ogres for the future though...