Sunday, 29 June 2008

5th Edition Marauders

With the 5th Edition of 40k only weeks away I have been giving some thought to my Marauder Chapter Marines. I have a reasonable selection of units to choose from and have always favoured Tactical squads so no immediate problem with taking 'Troop' choices to secure objectives.

However the new Marine Codex is being issued in October so I don't want to make any significant changes, in the form of new models and painting, until the rumours of the new book are confirmed or denied. So, with this in mind I have devised a 1500 point force to enable me to learn the 5th edition. I intend to play this force unchanged until the new Codex release.

Marine Captain – Bike – Combi Plasmagun
Terminator Squad 5 Terminators - Assault Cannon - Heavy Flamer
Tactical Squad 1 Vet Sgt - Power Fist, 9 marines - Heavy Bolter and Flamer - Rhino
Tactical Squad 2 Vet Sgt - Power Fist, 9 marines - Lascannon and Meltagun - Rhino
Tactical Squad 3 Sgt - 9 marines - Plasma Cannon and Plasmagun – Rhino
Bike Squadron 4 Bikes – Flamer
Assault Squad 5 Jump Pack Marines – Flamer
Predator Destructor

I still need to finish building and paint these figures but I've had plans to do these for a while. I'll add pictures of the new units and the complete force over the next couple of weeks.

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