Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Good bye 40k...

Sunday the 15th of June we decided to take a break from our WFB campaign and see 40k, 4th edition, off in style with a game of Apocalypse. Recreating part of the battle for Armageddon with the Orks led by Ghazghkull and the Imperium by Yarrick.

For 7 hours in blazing sunshine we played and casualties were high on both sides. The demise of the imperial side came when the warhound titan detonated amongst the Guardsmen and Orks fighting at it's feet. Yarrick was killed by a scattering ball round from the Gargant. Not an honourable way to go...


  1. Those cardboard-cutouts of Ork Fighta-Bommaz ?!

  2. Yes they are! Worked a treat!