Thursday, 23 October 2008

Adding some character

As the month quickly closes in I've been in a painting frenzy and added 3 more elements to my force.

This month I've done a Skink Shamen,

A Saurus Scar Veteran,

and a Salamander Hunting Pack.

Next months planned choices are 2 more Hunting packs and having painted the Salamanders a bit lighter than the Terradons will go back to them and bring them in to line with the rest of the monsters.


  1. Good work again!
    Going back to Terradons? That means they weren't done by deadline?!
    Oi, ref......

    This flurry of photos reminds me the end of the month is looming once again and I've hardly started my Reavers! Tomorrow has to be a big painting day!

  2. i hate them. not the painting just the rules they come with.

    cold ones by the end of the month? Not sure that's going to happen. If i get caught with a paint brush in my hand in the last week before we move...