Sunday, 12 October 2008

Kantor + buddy

Well here he is, when I first saw the model I thought love it but I didn't think it was spot on for me. When Big Jon mentioned that he had brought the spearhead and wondered if I wanted the Kantor model I of course jumped at the chance (swapped for the old Cassius model). When I got the model in my hand I knew what I wanted to do, something simple just to make him different and look a little more in proportion, so I did a head swap, I cut off the head from the old metal chapter champion (still got a few lying around) and used that instead of the head that you get with the model. I think it looks a little more the right size and looks more regal as is fitting for a chapter master.

Here's one of the Sternguard Vets that I've decided to model myself, I've made them stand out from the rest of the army by having all of them with the raised chest piece and the veteran heads from the command and commander sprues. As you can see this one has a combi-flamer made by my own fair hand seeing as GW still haven't done one themselves yet.

Here's a close up of the combi-flamer, don't take any notice of the shiny bits that's just the poly cement. Let me know what you think.

The whole squad will be one when they are all painted.............knowing my speed that will be around 2010...........December time!!!


  1. Looking good, I like the head change and look forward to the rest.

  2. I always thought using "brought" instead of "bought" was merely a speech affectation used by yokels. Turns out they actually think that's the correct use when written too! The things you learn from a blog.........

    Oh, I like the marines by the way!