Sunday, 5 October 2008

Boxing Day

Check this out!

My new terrain piece based on the monolith from the start of "2001: A Space Odyssey"!

Cool, huh?

Not really!!

Its stage 2 in the magnetic movement tray saga. Actually its probably stage 3 as I've not made the actual movement trays yet!

Anyway what we have here is my new idea (nicked from our Historical wargames "cousins") for storage and transport.
See piccy, note paint pot is there to show which way is actually "up"!!

All bases have magnetic material placed underneath them and the black stuff you see is adhesive backed ferrous material (sometimes called "steel paper") that the magnets cling too. All neatly placed inside a box file!
Even a good shake doesn't shift 'em! Nice! Easily stored, easily carried and a lot smaller and cheaper than the big ole foam lined cases that we all use.

The next part of plan (stage 2!) is to make the movement trays lined with the steel paper and then place magnets underneath them so each unit can be stored and lifted from the box ready to play!
I hope it works!
Probably going to be some kind of magnet breakdown at some point and the entire army will end up in one ball of magnetised mayhem, won't it!?

Apparently "Gale Force 9" make copies of GW bases which are already magnetised underneath and come ready packed with steel paper. I'm going to look into these as a time saving device.

For the future there is a high possibility my Eldar and marine armies are going to be magnetised! Bigger (metal) miniatures will have to rely on more traditional methods though, or bigger magnets!!

I'll give a report in a year or two on the robustness of this method!

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