Sunday, 12 October 2008

Boss Boss........

Must admit I don't think this is one of my better models, I was liking the idea when I first converted the model. He is the old warlord model that I've had since I worked for GW and I've always wanted to use him for something, not being a big fan of banners (can't seem to paint them properly) I had a really struggle to get this how I liked it. Having said that it may still be replaced at a later date with a more fitting model. There just seems to be something about it that doesn't look right. he didn't give me a lot of chance to have the army colours on him so that's why the banner has the red symbols. I think some sort of cloak/cloth bits and pieces to enable me to have him fit more in with the army may have helped.
This guy will be leading the storm vermin who of course don't have much cloth so maybe he'll fit in more then, we'll just have to wait till for next months quota to be done.

From a differant angle so you can see a little more of him.

Well here's the second of the two characters from my 1000pt army for this tale of x gamers. I wanted the colour scheme to be shown through out the entire army and seeing as the red is worked so well on the weapon crews and the ratling guns I thought lets keep it going. This guy was surprisingly easy to paint, it's keeping to a simple pallet that does it. the metal is easy tin bits with boltgun dry brushed over the top, the copper is just dwarf bronze, the skin and fur is the same as I had done for all the other models so far, washes are then used over the entire model and then the highlights are added to finish. This guy will go in with the clan rats when they are done.

Another view of the engineer

Got a little carried away this month with the rat painting, but then I only had two models to paint. With that in mind I thought I'd start doing other bits to help with my big skaven army (4k in total). This lot only took a Saturday afternoon so that was easy, looking at getting the screaming bell and warp lighining done soon too.


  1. All looking good buddy! Can't wait to see the rear side of that banner when your storm vermin panic at first volley of arrow fire from the Ulthuan Elite!

  2. Nice work.

    better pull my finger out or cheat with the dark elves. Well you didn't think the dark elves would play fair did you?