Saturday, 15 November 2008

Potty Training

With my tale of X gamers project done for this month and the Lizardman book not far off, I thought i'd continue to add to my force.

This time it was my Slann mage priest. I got the Forge World Slann a good few years ago and have finally got round to painting it and here is the result.

Complete with dead Skaven on the base its now ready to be joined by the Temple Guard which will be done over the final 2 months of the X gamers project.


  1. dead skaven added or part of the orginal model?

    Nicely done

  2. Added on, one of many 'dead' models I got ages ago.

  3. Nice Slann! Good colour choices.
    Looks like he's just about to go for a cheeky scratch though!

  4. You cheeky git, a dead skaven!!! You'll rue the day you added a dead rat to your frog base.

    Looking good though.