Sunday, 2 November 2008

Cry Havoc!!

The side projects continue!
3 warhound packs for the growing Celt army (now 383 points).
There remains some doubt amongst historians and therefore historical wargamers over whether Celts actually used hounds on the battlefield. I don't really care! To my mind its too cool an image to pass up, they're in the army list plus they'll be very handy for protecting and hassling flanks!
These miniatures feature my first foray away from Warlord games. The hounds and handlers to the left and right are from Crusader miniatures are excellently sculpted and fit right in! The middle hounds and handler are Warlord.

Managed to get through that post without typing the obvious:
"let slip the dogs of war!!!"



  1. Grr the more you work on the 'side project' the more interesting it gets... shall resist...

  2. only resisting until plastic hoplites are available ;o)

    very nice. i too doubt that packs of dogs were used on an open battlefield but they do look very nice.

  3. There is also questions over Celtic warriors wearing woad and Vikings having horns on their helmets.
    I'm all for including those as well!