Monday, 3 November 2008

Sally Forth ( well 2nd and 3rd )

Is it the end of November already?

This months quota done early in the month this time, allowing more time to play with some 'side projects'

This time it was 2 more Salamander Hunting Packs to add to last months one.

2 months more painting for me now ( 2 lots of 8 Temple Guard ) and everything is coming together nicely.


  1. Zed didn't get his last months entry finished and here your are rubbing it in!!
    Well done! Been buying red and green sprays?

  2. No coloured sprays anymore, purely a combination of wet/dry brushing, inks and picking out the details.

  3. ah baby stegs. they have str 1 breath attack i guess and poo themselves at the sound of shaking dice?