Saturday, 29 November 2008

Winging it!

I'm not generally known for getting involved in scenery building, but for some reason the skulls on display around Halloween gave some ideas and so I got down to it.
Here is the results of one of the two projects I put my mind to.

Firstly is a red wing....

Then a nice big red sword....

And then another red wing....

Put it all together and you get a nice big Dark Angel Icon

My other project is half done and should be ready in time for the first games of the new year


  1. started off small i see. well done ;o)

  2. Looking well constructed there Mr binx, good work!
    That should block some LOS!

    Constructive criticism:
    I assume its some kind of victory monument the DA have erected after beating off a race of giant human types (hence the piling of big skulls?), yes?
    Made of stone like material?
    It could some kind of weathering. Paint very fine crack lines here and there and add streaks of green or brown (maybe grey too)for rain damage, that sort of thing?
    If you need help with that, just ask!!
    Looking forward to the next bit o' terrain!

  3. Sounds interesting I shall investigate those ideas.

    They are very 'clean' so give me some more in-depth theories on this and I shall apply them