Friday, 7 November 2008

Rack em up! A product review

Tired of your paint pots being scattered across your painting area blocking all the room for more models?
Wish you could easily see the colour of the paint pot you're trying to find but they're all on the same level?
Largely disinterested with what's on TV and want something to mildly distract you for a minute or two?

Then read on...................
Recently myself and the good lady celebrated another year together (thank you, thank you!) and were looking for some random presents for each other that we would actually use and enjoy! I was struggling to come up with ideas for myself ("I'm not buying you any more stupid models!")when I spotted an item on Ebay. A paint rack.

This is something I've wanted for a while and have considered making one myself but due to the usual time issues haven't got round to it! It also had the added advantage of being something that would tidy my paint zone and isn't "more models"! Ticked the right boxes as a gift!
Product link here:
What do you get for your money?

4 sheets of thin MDF which have been cut via computer laser (or something similar!) into the various components needed for the rack.
There was a lot more construction than I expected and the instructions weren't great but anyone who has put a GW kit together would have no problems. This means BigJon would struggle and Tomarse would give up at stage 2!!
Firstly you need to cut the pieces from the MDF "sprue", clippers cope with this no problem. I also recommend making a couple of sub assemblies and leaving plenty of time between stages for drying etc. I also ensured I used lashings of PVA to keep it together and was tempted to use a few tacks on the edges for extra security but after a few tests (gently pulling, twisting, crushing etc) it does seem to be well held together by the glue alone.

One downfall though is the pre-drilled holes for brushes didn't fit my GW brushes but it was a simple job to drill slightly bigger ones.

So is it any good?

Early days but it does seem pretty sturdy and has the benefit of being modular with tool racks/bitz racks also available. There is a high chance I'll need a second to hold all my paints but I'll see how I get on with this one first.

All in all I'd recommend it to anyone who is looking to make it a bit of space in their paint zone. It may not suit those of you with more "transitory" painting areas although it could be moved around with your paint station to increase the amount of paint pots you have on hand?
The Paint rack in situ:

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  1. looks very good. i reckon a couple of those will be just the job.